AN/DPX-7 Reduced Size Transponder (RST)

Reduced Size Transponder
AN/DPX-7 is BAE Systems’ next generation IFF Reduced Size Transponder (RST)

AN/DPX-7 is a reduced size, Mark XIIA/Mode S/Mode 5 /ADS-B passive-receive transponder with an embedded ADS-B IN capability that can reduce procurement, upgrade, and life cycle costs. RST is ideal for platforms with size, weight and power constraints, such as UAVs, remotely piloted aircraft, and helicopters; but is available for integration on all platforms.

AN/DPX-7 reduced size transponder (RST) incorporates all the features required for tomorrow’s global military and civil air traffic control environments with ADS-B IN to support situational awareness and sense-and-avoid applications.

The extensive use of programmable technology in the AN/DPX-7 ensures its versatility and future utility through software upgrades without the risk and cost associated with hardware modifications. The reduced size transponder has an interchangeable platform interface module (PIM) that provides interface flexibility.

Next Generation IFF Transponder