Adaptive Sensors

Maritime SIGINT

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Our Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) architecture enables users to mitigate and keep pace with adversaries’ evolving signal threats.

BAE Systems has a proven history of providing cutting edge SIGINT capabilities to the U.S Navy. We leverage our experience and integration know-how with specific capabilities in use across the DoD to provide the Navy with the lowest risk solution. Our modular, scalable SIGINT architecture is based on the latest commercial open standards and is fully software defined. This architecture eliminates vendor lock, supports applications operating in their native framework. With this software defined solution, we eliminate the need for timely and costly integration of roll-on-roll-off sensors and replace them with software applications. We also enable secure development operations where new prototype capability can be integrated and tested in an operational environment at low cost and low risk.

Key features:

  • Proven experience integrating SIGINT systems with command and control combat systems architectures.
  • RF signal server enables simultaneous prosecution of threat signals.
  • Analytics framework support on-ship fusion of national sensor data with the tactical threat picture.
  • Modular architecture eliminates vendor lock

Adaptive Sensors

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