LiteWave® Head-Up Display (HUD)

LiteWave® Head-Up Display...
Providing pilots with unmatched situational awareness
Delivering the world’s best combination of size, weight, and performance. 

Now we welcome you to the future in cockpit visuals with LiteWave. This all-new solution not only enhances pilot awareness, but is up to 70 percent smaller in size and weight when compared to other products on the market. This makes LiteWave an option for nearly any aircraft, even those with the smallest of cockpits.

LiteWave offers the largest eye-motion box of any HUD available, which means pilots are able to move more freely in their seat, without risk of losing sight of the display. This freedom of movement allows you to maintain comfort and not be stuck in one position, especially important on longer flights.

Since developing the world’s first operational HUD back in the 1950s, BAE Systems has relentlessly pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of augmented reality. The development of the LiteWave display is no exception.

Benefits of a LiteWave solutions

  • Integrates into cockpits with limited space
  • Cost effective upfront and through the product’s lifetime 80 percent faster to install with no additional realignments required
  • Allows pilots exceptional freedom of movement without losing sight of the display – greatly increasing their comfort
  • Offers significant increase in meantime between failure (MTBF), when compared to traditional HUDs
  • The high-resolution display provides pilots with crisp symbology under all flight conditions 
  • A reliable, fully digital display with no loss of brightness over time
LiteWave can be integrated into cockpits with limited cockpit space

Why BAE Systems?

BAE Systems has been a leader in HUD vision, development, and production for more than 60 years – a position gained through continuous investment in technology and innovation. We have produced more than 15,000 head-up displays, which have been in service on more than 50 different aircraft types in 50-plus countries around the world. This includes some of the most advanced and demanding military aircraft worldwide, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, F-16 Fighting Falcon, F-22 Raptor, and more.

Learn more. Download the LiteWave display datasheet or Head-Up Displays brochure. Or contact business representative to arrange a meeting.


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