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LiteHUD®  Head-Up Display

LiteHUD pictured on Advanced Hawk concept
Featuring patented optical waveguide technology

What is a head-up display?

A head-up display or HUD, as it’s widely known, is a see-through display that sits directly in a pilot’s line of sight, significantly increasing their situational awareness. The system presents real-time, critical flight information overlaid onto a view of the outside world, allowing pilots to digest vital data with a ‘head-up, eyes-out’ approach.

LiteHUD is a small and compact HUD, offering space and weight advantages paired with the latest digital display technology, revolutionary waveguide optics and highly reliable electronics.

Thanks to its ultra-compact design, LiteHUD can be integrated into almost any cockpit; from turboprop trainers, to the fighters of tomorrow. In fact, the low-profile HUD is even compatible with next-generation cockpits that also feature a large area display; a combination that’s not typically possible with a conventionally sized HUD.

To date, LiteHUD has been selected for the Hurkus-B trainer, Scorpion jet, and the Advanced Hawk concept demonstrator; along with a selection of other undisclosed platforms.

LiteHUD Timeline

Benefits of LiteHUD

  • 60 percent smaller by volume and up to 50 percent lighter than a conventional HUD
  • Features patented optical waveguide technology 
  • Integrates easily into both existing and future cockpits, and is compatible with cockpits featuring a large area display (LAD)
  • Incorporates significantly larger eye motion box than a conventional HUD, increasing pilot comfort
  • High-resolution navigation and sensor imagery displayed under all flight conditions
  • High brightness, that remains stable over the life of the equipment 
  • Provides seamless operation with night vision goggles 
  • All-digital display provides high reliability and significantly reduced cost over product lifetime 


Capabilities & Benefits

Our HUD legacy

BAE Systems has been a leader in HUD development and production for more than 60 years, a position gained through continuous investment in technology and innovation. The company has produced more than 15,000 head-up displays, which have been in service on more than 50 different aircraft types in more than 50 countries around the world. This includes some of the most advanced and demanding military aircraft, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon, F-16 Fighting Falcon and F-22 Raptor.


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