HAMMER® precision targeting system

HAMMER® Precision Targeting System
The HAMMER® system provides critical precision targeting capabilities to dismounted soldiers. 

BAE Systems’ HAMMER (Handheld Azimuth Measuring, Marking, Electro-optic imaging & Ranging) system is a lightweight precision targeting solution. The system enables dismounted Forward Observers and Joint Terminal Attack Controllers to rapidly identify, precisely locate, and accurately mark targets for precision Global Positioning System (GPS)-guided and laser-guided munitions. It works in all weather and lighting conditions, and transmits targeting data to existing forward entry systems.

The HAMMER precision targeting system architecture was developed under a BAE Systems Internal Research and Development project to add next-generation capabilities to our field-proven, man-portable targeting products.  A variant of the HAMMER precision targeting system is currently being refined and qualified in the engineering and manufacturing development phase of the U.S. Army’s Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) program.

HAMMER precision targeting system

Features Benefits
  • Day and night imagers
  • Celestial compass
  • Gyro compass
  • Digital magnetic compass
  • SAASM GPS receiver
  • Eyesafe laser range finder
  • Compact laser marker
  • Open digital communications interface
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Daylight to no-light operation
  • Low weight and compact size for dismounted operations
  • Precise target location for GPS-guided munitions
  • Target marking for laser-guided munitions
  • Interface with military forward entry systems and GPS receivers
  • Fast response time