Integrated GPS Anti-Jam System

BAE Systems' IGAS delivers reliable accuracy in the field.
Accuracy is paramount when launching weapons in the field.

Your mission success and the safety of your troops depend on it. BAE Systems delivers reliable, accurate navigation products for precision-guided missile and munitions systems.

The IGAS receiver utilizes 24-channel dual-frequency all-in-view navigation, offering high-performance, GPS for tightly coupled GPS/INS (Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System) integrations. It is derived from the field-proven 12-channel NavStrike™ and Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) receivers. IGAS is a small, low-cost, and highly reliable system that has been specifically designed to meet the mission needs of missile and munitions applications.

Features & benefits

  • 24-channel SAASM-based design
  • >85 dB J/S performance
  • High-rate aiding and accuracy
  • SA/AS capable
  • Fast Direct-Y capability
  • All-in-view track and navigation
  • Antenna masking selection
  • Precise time transfer (timing pulse not needed)
  • Continuous ionospheric corrections
  • Fifth-generation SAASM-based design
  • Dual-frequency (L1/L2) tracking
  • Enhanced Direct-Y code acquisition/cold start
  • High anti-jamming immunity
  • 24-channel all-in-view tracking and navigation
  • Field-programmable software designed for high-g vibration
  • High-speed serial interface
  • SAASM extended functions including black-key
  • Clock recalibration

GPS Weapons

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