Cased Telescoped Cannon

Image of the Cased Telescoped Cannon at DVD 2016 © BAE Systems plc
The Cased Telescoped Cannon is a revolutionary new medium calibre weapon system now being installed in vehicles for the British and French Armies.
It provides a step-change in capability, allowing soldiers to engage a greater variety of better protected targets.  The new cannon fires 40mm Cased Telescoped Ammunition – the first of its kind in the world – offering a number of benefits to users:
Fire power
The new cannon delivers up to four times the power of the 30mm round it replaces. It also includes a highly effective airburst round.
Space saving
The new cannon saves space inside the vehicle, leaving more room for equipment and crew.
Efficient engineering
Compared to other medium calibre systems, the new cased telescoped cannon is a simpler system mechanically. There are no belts or links to jam and break and the system is easily accessible from inside the turret – we expect vehicles equipped with the cannon to be more reliable on the battlefield and allow the soldier to spend more time achieving mission objectives.
Ease of integration
The cannon can be retro-fitted into existing vehicle turrets (both manned and unmanned), providing quick and efficient upgrade.  The reduced size and weight of the turret, along with the increased fire power of the cannon, increases crew protection and work space.
The cannon can incorporate multiple natures of ammunition within the same ammunition handling system, giving soldiers the capability to quickly engage threats across the modern battlefield spectrum including those within urban environments.
High elevation
The cannon design allows the ability to fire at high elevation angles providing increased target flexibility against threats, especially within the upper sections of tall buildings and those with a height advantage in mountainous terrain.

Cased Telescoped Armament System

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