BAE Systems Digital Intelligence has a strong and unique heritage within Defence and National Security. We enable the MoD and other Organisations to achieve Information Advantage.
Working at the heart of our customers’ core mission, we deliver technology based solutions that enable our customers to Collect, Connect, Understand, Decide and Effect across Land, Sea, Air, Space and Cyber and to do so with confidence. To gain advantage in today’s connected world we must be better prepared, better informed, and more predictive to act and adapt. We work in trusted partnership with our customers as one team to help them deliver secure information at pace. Through smarter use of data we transform disparate sources into relevant and timely intelligence for our customers.
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
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At BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, we understand what is at stake. We see beyond the data, we find what is important for you to make the right decision. Our work is underpinned by focused R&D and new innovative ways of working to support delivery at scale. We have used our intelligence-led insights for decades to help defend Governments, Nations and Societies from cyber-attacks. We will deliver technology-based solutions that enable our Customers to confidently Collect, Connect, Understand, Decide and Effect.
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  • Cyber operations
  • Specialist communications
  • Intelligence-led solutions
  • Secure data sharing
  • Decision support data analytics and management 
  • CEMA integration
  • Securing and assuring space
  • Multi-domain integration
Our work in the space industry includes specialist technologies in waveforms, electronics, antenna and digital signal processing and analytics with 20 years in ground based signal processing for various space agencies. BAE Systems has also been awarded Lot 2 of the Serapis Framework by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (MOD). Find out more about the Serapis Framework and registration instructions.
BAE Systems is the UK’s leading Cyber and Electromagnetic Activities (CEMA) integrator and provider of high threat cyber and specialist wireless solutions - find out more about our CEMA integration capabilities.
BAE Systems is engaging with our customers to develop thought leadership and find ways to help take defence capability forward. See what the experts are saying about the digitalisation of defence.

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