During the Assessment Phase, Team Challenger 2 will work with the MOD to develop options for which systems should be replaced and how the work package would be delivered. Team Challenger 2’s work will be led from BAE Systems’ facility in Telford, Shropshire, with partners from around the UK and globally.

Jennifer Osbaldestin, BAE Systems Land (UK) Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to win this contract. Our proposal offers the British Army major capability and performance enhancements designed specifically for its soldiers’ needs. Ours is an innovative, low-risk solution that future-proofs Challenger 2, giving it the performance to command the battlefield through to 2035.

“Our partners bring the best and most advanced capabilities and technologies available to every element of the Life Extension Project. This includes new sighting systems, gun control equipment, an enhanced electronic architecture and commonality with the British Army’s new AJAX vehicle, all while developing the UK’s next generation of specialist tank engineers.”

BAE Systems Land (UK) has brought together the most experienced defence partners from across the globe to form a UK based team.  Team Challenger 2 consists of BAE Systems Land (UK), General Dynamics Land Systems-UK, Leonardo, Safran Electronics & Defense, Moog, QinetiQ and General Dynamics Mission Systems-Canada. The partners are all world leading experts on tank sub-systems, with General Dynamics Land Systems-UK enabling significant commonality between Challenger 2 Mark 2 and AJAX, the British Army’s new armoured vehicle family. The team will work closely with Babcock-DSG during the Assessment Phase.

Vice President of General Dynamics Land Systems–UK, Kevin Connell, added: “This is great news for our facility in Merthyr Tydfil, where we carry out the assembly, integration and testing of AJAX. Challenger 2 would be brought up to the Mark 2 specification at that same facility, optimising investment already made and enabling Team Challenger 2 to hit the ground running.”

Team Challenger 2 has been working for several months on the Assessment Phase prior to contract award and has invested significantly in the Assessment Phase to ensure the very best solution for the British Army.

BAE Systems designed and built Challenger 2 and has supported the tank since its entry into service, including many Urgent Operational Upgrades for operations in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. General Dynamics Land Systems-UK is currently developing the AJAX family of vehicles which will be delivered to the British Army through 2017-2024.
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