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XTS® guard 5

XTS Guard 5
XTS Guard 5 is a high assurance cross domain solution that enables secure sharing between networks of various security classifications and enclaves. With more than 700 worldwide deployments, XTS Guard 5 has a longstanding track record of securing sensitive data of all classification levels.

The brand new version of XTS Guard is available today! XTS Guard 5 brings all of the functionality of legacy DII and DSG Guards, with many improvements:

  • A new architecture supporting multi-enclave and multi-compartment controlled information sharing
  • Advanced administration and auditing
  • Strong performance gains and hardware consolidation
  • Simple API developed to enable the simple plug in of numerous content filters
  • A robust suite of modules -- Requirements are constantly changing and XTS Guard is designed to support the simple add-on of modules as needed

XTS Guard for Enterprise, Coalition, and Tactical Environments

XTS Enterprise Guard 

Supporting up to 22 enclaves, XTS Enterprise Guard is the key component to secure information sharing within an agency or large organization. Built to support the simple plug-in of leading content filters, organizations and agencies need not worry about compatibility issues. With XTS Enterprise Guard, a wide variety of data can be shared all on one machine, including:

  • Chat
  • XML
  • Imagery
  • and more

XTS Coalition Guard 

Communicating with coalition partner countries has never been easier or more secure. STOP OS offers extreme granularity in access controls, enabling a cohesive way to share all of the same data types that the XTS Enterprise Guard offers, but in a coalition environment.

XTS Tactical Guard

XTS Tactical Guard offers an alternative to all of the capabilities of XTS Enterprise Guard, only ruggedized. CDs and USB devices are easy data breach targets in the field, and with XTS Tactical Guard soldiers can quickly access and send mission-critical information. Flexible hardware options open the door to tactical deployments such as onboard airframes, in command vehicles, in backpacks and other areas.