Starfire Radios™

Our latest software defined radios provide resilient, robust,  communications for critical missions.
Modern airborne radios based on software-defined, multiband design, with extensive reserve capacity for the future.

BAE Systems’ next-generation Starfire™ product line radios provide secure anti-jam, voice, and data communications in a compact radio set. Based on a common processor architecture, the Starfire™ family of software-defined radio (SDR) communications systems enable software-only upgrades. These modern radios are the same form factor and provide extensive reserve capacity to support a cost-effective path to future enhancements for fixed- and rotary-wing platforms.

Starfire products:

  • AN/ARC-164A, MXF-4059 Radio
  • AN/ARC-232A, MXF-4058 Radio

Future products:

  • AN/ARC-231, MXF-4000 Series Radio
  • AN/ARC-222, MXF-626N Radio


  • Baseline configured for heritage frequency bands, AM/FM, voice and data with air traffic control, maritime and hailing modes, as well as 8.33 kHz, 5 kHz and 25 kHz channel spacing with frequency range extendable to 2 GHz.
  • Supports heritage and new ancillary devices such as controls, mounts, antennas, external cryptographic units (KY-58/M, KY/SY-100/M, others), and embedded, commercial, software based encryption options.
  • Ethernet control and maintenance interface compatibility with USB, MIL-STD-1553, RS-422/232.


  • Qualified to military standards for domestic and international interoperability for NATO and coalition military airborne applications.
  • Designed with reserve capacity for future enhancements such as civil communications, APCO 25, and TETRA.
  • Supports retransmission in repeater and cross-banding modes of main and independent guard receivers improving interoperability.
  • Software programmability permits a broad range of configurations with or without electronic counter-counter measures (ECCM) such as SATURN, HAVE QUICK, SINCGARS, or a national ECCM.


Communications is critical, which is why we designed our Starfire airborne radios to be programmable, extendable, and adaptable to your specific needs. Download our data sheets to learn more.