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Parallel hybrid propulsion system

Parallel hybrid propulision solutions - Crane Carrier
Our parallel hybrid system is ideal for coach buses, refuse, construction, and pick-up and delivery vehicles looking for cleaner, quieter operations.

With high power and torque, our parallel hybrid was designed specifically for the rugged demands of vocation vehicles and provides superior drivability all in a safe, light-weight package.

Using both simplified and proven components and controls our system is based on a single electric machine integrated with the engine and the transmission and can be installed with minimal impact to a vehicle. Propulsion is enhanced through an optimized blending of power from a conventional power source and from the electrical power source. Our hybrid electric truck system’s energy management and control capabilities ensure all energy flow — such as propulsion and braking energy recuperation — occurs in the most efficient fashion, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

  • Significant fuel and brake savings while reducing harmful emissions from the air
  • Lower cost and weight alterative to other hybrid technologies
  • Onboard power plant for a path to future electrification of the vehicle body
  • Complements both diesel and CNG engines

Electric and hybrid solutions

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