Government Security Analysis Services

Government Security Analysis
Governments, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and businesses with representatives scattered around the world need to know what the local population is saying or thinking about their policies, people, services or products.

Media reporting in other parts of the world is often controlled or heavily-influenced by unfriendly governments, political groups, or influential individuals and may misrepresent the “ground truth.” Feedback derived from personal interactions is inconsistent and can be taken out of context. Polling data is expensive, slow, and difficult to personalize.

The BAE Systems Advanced Analytics Lab’s approach gives international organizations in particular an “on the ground” perspective that traditional information sources often can’t provide. When paired with hybrid analysts, organizations can stay in touch with local sentiment, identify and engage with key stakeholders, monitor shifts in tone or anticipate seminal events.  Most organizations typically employ resource-intensive manual processes to achieve these goals, using information sources which may be out of touch with popular views.  Our framework helps organizations navigate the sea of social media data in a timely, effective and cost-efficient manner.

Customers of our open source intelligence analysis services immediately understand the value of the “hybrid analyst” to the intelligence and security industry; an analyst that is versed in the disciplines  of data science and intelligence analysis, but also possesses the technical understanding of big data analytics and software programming.

To use an analogy familiar to the intelligence community, this is someone who appreciates both the complexity of haystack and the needles within. Intelligence agencies will soon list a hybrid analyst’s range of skills as ‘required’ instead of ‘preferred’ in their recruiting campaigns. Hybrid analysts not only create a more streamlined work flow, but also present a cost saving opportunity to clients with limited overhead budgets. Our analytic methodology has advanced the collective understanding of what it means to conduct social media analysis efficiently and effectively.