Fire Series™

Modern airborne radios based on software defined, multiband, multi-mode design with extensive reserve capacity for the future.
Our latest software defined radios provide resilient, robust, communications for critical missions.

BAE Systems engineered the Fire Series™ family product line for military forces operating in the most demanding and complex environments. With a history of U.S. domestic and international service, our airborne radios have evolved to a Software Communications Architecture (SCA)/Software-Defined radio (SDR) design, providing design reserve capacity for software-only deployment of future operational, mission, and end user focused capabilities.

Fire Series products:

  • AN/ARC-231A SDR Radio Communications System
  • AN/ARC-231 Radio Communications System
  • AN/PSC-5D Radio Communications System

Features and benefits

  • Programmability reduces the time to field, evolving communication needs, special mission modifications, and performance enhancements.
  • Supports current and evolving joint service interoperable voice and data standards for Line of Sight (LOS) and beyond LOS communications in Very High Frequency (VHF)/Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) spectrum.
  • Embedded NSA certified Type 1 modern cryptographic solution.
  • Provides communication capabilities of its predecessor with the same set of electronic counter-counter measures such as SATURN, HAVE QUICK, and SINCGARS.
  • UHF SATCOM modes (DAMA and IW), coupled with the foundational building blocks supporting mobile user objective system.
  • Multiple control interface options — such as independent red and black MIL-STD-1553, Ethernet, and USB — allows for flexible integration and mission deployment options.
  • Provides ED-23C (8.33 kHz) internationally compliant air traffic control communications and full range of mandatory U.S. and NATO capabilities.


Our new SDRs continue to provide warfighters with secure, resilient, and reliable connectivity when they need it most. Download our data sheets to learn more.