F-15 Avionics Solutions

F-15 Aircraft
Total Life-Cycle Solutions

BAE Systems is the after-market OEM for F-15 fleet sustainment and upgrades, offering a true total life-cycle solution. Our highly skilled engineering and technical personnel provide world class development, fabrication, integration, testing, and qualification of electro-mechanical avionics products. In addition, customers are able to leverage our full logistics support packages, diminishing manufacturing sources mitigation services, and reverse engineering and product redesign solutions.

Examples of our F-15 Avionics Products and Services include:

Flat Panel Control Indicator (FPCI):  Flat Panel Control Indicators are being integrated into all United States Air Force F-15 C/D aircrafts.  The FCPI contains a soft-key menu system to enable expanded control functionality along with reprogrammable features that enable control to systems as future requirements dictate – all without hardware modification. BAE Systems designed the FPCI as a drop in form-fit-function replacement, making the program’s transition one of ease and seamless integration.   

Replacement Vertical Situation Display (RVSD):  The RVSD processes electrical signals from the aircraft’s legacy Programmable Signal Data Processor (PSDP) to provide a color representation of the different intensity symbols.  Containing more robust signal processing and color capability, RVSD is 56% larger than previous displays and does not require any modifications to the aircraft’s instrument panels when integrated.

Advanced Components Obsolescence Management (AVCOM): AVCOM is a web-enabled tool that comes with a host of support services unlike any other in the industry.  The system offers a dynamic range of  tools which are used across multiple USAF and other service's platforms; including the USAF F-15 fleet.  AVCOM provides a proactive, cost-effective, and customized approach to help minimize the impact to the Customer’s supply chain before part obsolescence and availability problems can affect the program or platform’s readiness and availability.  AVCOM provides Parts Research, Bill of Materials (BOM) Loading, End of Life (EOL) Alerts, Product Discontinuous Notices (PDNs), Counterfeit Alerts, Advanced BOM Analysis, Logistics Data, COTS Management, and Analysis and Resolution (A&R) services including complete mitigation solutions.  

Extending the life of today’s weapon systems and platforms is more important than ever, and equipping Global Armed Forces with leading edge technology is imperative.  We support both domestic and international Customers throughout the world through both Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) procurement requirements.  Contact us today to learn more about our F-15 and other avionics and sustainment solutions.