Communications Under Extreme RF Spectrum Conditions (CommEx)

Communications Under Extreme RF Spectrum Conditions (COMMEX)
BAE Systems is developing adaptive wireless communications architecture to enable reliable communication in highly contested RF environments.

The Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has contracted BAE Systems to help develop the adaptive wireless communications architecture through the Communications Under Extreme RF Spectrum Conditions (CommEx) program.

BAE Systems signal processing and communications experts are using cognitive algorithms with novel interference mitigation techniques to better characterize the emerging threats and optimize the response in the anti-access area-denial (A2AD) environment.  The new technology could equip tactical wireless networks. 

BAE Systems first began working on the CommEx program in 2011. Then at the end of Phase 2 in 2015, the company successfully demonstrated how the complete, integrated architecture provides significant operational benefit in highly contested environments by demonstrating this capability on hardware in a laboratory environment. Now, under Phase 3, the company will port the previously implemented software and firmware to Department of Defense production-ready terminals and test and demonstrate the capability in a government lab in June 2016.

How it works

CommEx program video Demonstrates how the Communications under extreme RF spectrum conditions (CommEx) technology works