BvS10 All-Terrain Vehicle
A proven workhorse in battle situations, the BvS10 armored all-terrain vehicle provides the perfect combination of mobility, payload and protection.

The BvS10 is an armored, articulated vehicle that is designed to provide total operational support where other vehicles cannot.

BvS10: Home

The family of BvS10 variants are all capable of rapidly traversing terrain that would hinder other all terrain vehicles. A number of variants have been developed in close co-operation with our customers to fulfill high tactical requirements The BvS10 design is made with flexibility in focus allowing commanders and users to make the vehicle fit for specific missions. The spacious volume easily allows for the installation of inter-changeable equipment and hardware via the C-rail system in order to prepare it for demanding requirements and enhanced tactical maneuvers.

  • Ambulance
  • Armored Personal Carrier (APC)
  • Arthur
  • Crew Support Weapon (CSW)
  • LOG/Flatbed
  • Missiles
  • Mortar
  • Remote Weapon Station (RWS)
  • Repair and Recovery




The latest variant – the Crew Support Weapon (CSW) BvS10 – is equipped with a remote weapon station for fire support and a weapon station with head out for full situational awareness and control.

The CSW is capable of delivering heavy fire support in any climate:

Adaptable weaponry

Adaptable to a wide range of functions, the BvS10 can be integrated with weapons ranging from 5.56mm to 12.7mm, as well as a 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

Enhanced control

The BvS10 has a high power capacity to allow the integration of electronic Command & Control systems. It has been tested to meet all common electromagnetic compatibility standards.

High-level protection

For optimum security, the BvS10 offers protection against ballistics and anti-tank mines, while smoke grenade launchers provide additional protection.

Fulfilling future needs

With a high payload capacity of up to six tonnes and a load volume of 2.5m3 + 6.5m3, the BvS10 is well placed to meet future requirements.

Trusted support

High reliability and low lifecycle costs are incorporated into the design of the BvS10. It is easy to maintain and easy to use. We can provide additional support with training, maintenance, management and enhancement. Customers trust our tailored solutions to ensure the BvS10 exceeds expectations throughout its lifecycle.