Army Technical Training & Readiness Support

Bradley A3 Combat Systems
Our certified instructors are committed to providing world-class training to the U.S. military, at home and abroad, and other foreign militaries. We train warfighters on a variety of military weapons systems, vehicles and equipment to ensure systems are always ready for current and future operations.
As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of most tracked, armored combat vehicles and many vehicles in the MRAP family, our instructors can respond quickly to customers’ needs. 
With the support of our experienced Field Service Engineers (FSE), customers experience enhanced platform and system reliability, improved readiness and reduced costs.
Training Capabilities:
  • Tailored training packages
  • Certified instructors IO/VCE/ABIC, FLM - Depot
  • Full spectrum training
  • TRADOC Standard Training and Training Materials
Readiness Support:
  • On-Job-Training (OJT) for users while performing scheduled/unscheduled maintenance
  • OEM technical assistance to both operators and maintenance personnel
  • Recommend corrective action and verify operational status
  • Exclusive OEM reach back and Engineering support for all our OEM platforms