Aircraft Upgrades & Modification

Aircraft Modification and Upgrade
BAE Systems provides turn-key aircraft modifications to our customers through expert capabilities in system engineering, aircraft integration, configuration management, and complete test and evaluation support.

Aircraft Modernization Solutions cover the full system life cycle from development through sustainment to retirement. Using state-of-the-art technology, BAE Systems is solving difficult obsolescence issues and developing customized engineering solutions to meet unique customer needs. As a cutting edge solutions provider supporting the mission, BAE Systems is improving the reliability and functionality of aircraft and aviation electronic systems, and transforming legacy systems with low cost options to take advantage of modern technologies that help meet new mission requirements.

Proven Performance:

  • FLIR Install Modification; SATCOM & ROVER Situational Awareness; SCATHE View IDS/Video
  • Integration; Dome Shell Nickel Plating; and UDLM Depot Maintenance for C-130 aircraft
  • Aircraft Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems; Hardware & Software Modernization; and
  • MADARS Structural Integrity Analysis for C-5 aircraft
  • DUST Tester Evaluation for C-5, F-15, and C-130 aircraft
  • Conductive Path Analysis and TACAN Antenna Development for F-15 aircraft
  • Digital Map/AHHS for MH-53J/M helicopters
  • START Program Aerodynamic Analysis
  • CMBS Bore-Sight Development for F-15 & F-16 aircraft
  • Commercial Fire Control Computer for F-16 aircraft
  • DCB Ultra-Wideband Technology Program
  • Composite Stabilizer Redesign for B-1B aircraft
  • Composite Supply Center for C-17 aircraft
  • IP over 1553 (IPo1553) Protocol Conversion Unit
  • Roll On Beyond-Line-Of-Sight Enhancement (ROBE) System Development for KC-135 aircraft"