Adaptive radar countermeasures (ARC)

Adaptive Radar Countermeasures operating against enemy Integrated Air Defense Radars
BAE Systems is developing technology to enable electronic warfare (EW) systems to effectively deceive and jam enemy radar.

In order to detect, deceive, and defeat enemy radar threats, current EW systems must rely on known emitter databases to characterize the threat and determine the appropriate countermeasures response.

Through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) ARC program, BAE Systems is developing technology aimed at enabling EW systems to counter A2AD threats and achieve air dominance.

The ARC program plans to leverage advances in signal processing and machine learning to develop intelligent algorithms that detect and counter emerging radar threats.

The resulting technology would enable EW systems to  perform the following functions:

  • Rapidly characterize emerging radar threats,
  • Synthesize an electronic countermeasure, and
  • Assess the effectiveness of the response.

These advancements would enable the EW system to adaptively learn to defeat all potential threats.

Drawing on the more than 60 years of experience designing and fielding the nation’s most advanced electronic warfare technologies and capabilities, BAE Systems continues to evolve capabilities to counter emerging A2AD threats.