Accelerating mission impact

At BAE Systems, our teams focus on delivering next generation innovative technologies to accelerate mission readiness. Across land, sea, subsurface, air, space, and cyber, we provide our nation’s warfighters with lethality, actionable intelligence, and speed where it counts.
To better meet the challenges our customers face, we’ve created the Mission Advantage™ partner program. Dedicated to elevating the national security missions of our government customers, the Mission Advantage program, brings together an alliance of strategic technology partners. These partnerships enable us to adapt to our customers evolving requirements through Independent research and development (IR&D) and by developing differentiated co-solutions to accelerate mission impact. Together with our partners, we’re unlocking and creating synergies that bring best-in-class solutions to our customers. 

Connect. Align. Accelerate. Enable. Execute

Why join the BAE Systems Mission Advantage Partner Program

At BAE Systems, Intelligence and Security, we believe that by connecting with partners aligned to our customers’ most complex problems, we can:  
  • Accelerate mission impact
  • Deliver innovative, advanced solutions
  • Act with agility as technology trends continue to disrupt our nation’s competitive edge against adversaries in both traditional and digital battlefields. 
Our future-focused solutions support, integrate, and acceleration innovation for those who need it most. Our solutions and capabilities include:
  • Developing  hybrid and secure multi-cloud offerings
  • Using model-based approaches for Systems and Platforms Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I)
  • Designing digital twins to deliver intelligence insights and predictive maintenance
  • Implementing cyber hardening to secure networking operations
  • Developing wargaming solutions to visualize and simulate a wide range of operating environments.
Partner benefits
  • Drive business growth and acceleration through collaboration
  • Shape, adapt, mature, and transition small or dual use commercial technology business
  • Access to mission critical customer opportunities through a central point of access
  • Mentorship and protégé opportunities
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation guidance, technical reach-back, Quality Control & Standards, Internet Protocol, and Department of Defense navigation
  • Scalability 
  • Joint marketing and co-branding opportunities
Customer benefits
  • Vetted—scalable, demonstrated, and secure—bench of top technology partners for mission application
  • Past performance highlights
  • Trusted Systems Integrator with ability to scale in existing complex environments and the agility to offer cutting-edge innovation & emerging technology
  • Integration of dual-use technologies for defense applications
  • Collaborative opportunities and CRAD acceleration

Program focus areas

To meet the future needs of our customers, we’re seeking to expand our capabilities by partnering with companies and organizations with cutting edge technologies, often dual-use commercial technology, that significantly impacts national security missions. To become a member of Mission Advantage, your company must be aligned with one or more of the following focus areas: 
  • Enterprise IT: Dual-use commercial technology companies with solutions or capabilities along the digital transformation spectrum that enable next generation solutions powered by cloud, software and analytics.
  • Emerging Technology: Companies with new or adjacent innovation technology with national security applications (i.e., deep tech, seed – series c, startups, etc.).
  • Research and Development: Companies with defense-centric labs, medium-sized companies with concentrated R&D efforts or mission engineering focused companies supporting national security.
  • Collaborative Network: Accelerators, incubators, venture capital firms or other collaborative entities driving technology that foster innovation and modernize the mission.
Technologies that are central to the Mission Advantage program and which we are interested in include:
  • Advanced Radar
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)
  • Cyber
  • C5ISR
  • Digital Engineering
  • IT/Cloud
  • Modeling & Simulation

                        A simple tiered approach to partnering

BAE Systems Partners – Stronger together

Getting started

We would like learn more about the work you are focused on. Apply today or contact us to learn more about the benefits of Mission Advantage™ and to discover how we can do amazing things together.  

About BAE Systems Intelligence & Security

As a leading Systems Integrator, we have strong, established positions providing engineering, cyber, intelligence, and security solutions to the U.S. Department of Defense, intelligence community and federal agencies. Our employees proudly serve, supply, and protect those who protect us in a culture that is performance-driven and values-led. BAE Systems, Inc. ranks among the top 10 prime contractors to the U.S. Defense Department, and our geographically diverse defense business makes an important contribution to the economic prosperity of the places our people live and work, and in using our knowledge and technologies to reduce our global environmental impacts.


Mission Advantage Fact Sheet

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