RAD5545™ SoC based single board computer offers high-performance onboard processing and cyber security to support future space missions while also supporting SWaP-C goals.

RAD510™ SoC based single board computer provides exceptional versatility in a single SoC, addressing both lower and higher-performance mission needs, and is a modern alternative to the highly successful and space-proven RAD750® platform.

Reconfigurable Computing Module (RCM) fills the gap between computing engines and custom, application-specific integrated circuit-based functions.

SpaceVPX Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a modular and customizable payload solution, offering on-orbit reprogrammability, and features the Reconfigurable Computing Module and the RAD5545™ single board computer to deliver best in class reliability and performance.

RAD750® processor solutions available in a range of configurations and trusted industry-wide to perform above and beyond mission criteria while enduring harsh space environments.

Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) products that deliver high density, optimized performance with flexible engagement models and state-of-the-art sub-micron design flow.

Lab development tools including our Ethernet-to-SpaceWire (EtherWire) bi-directional interface unit used to connect IP-based networks and space systems.

Quality certifications that attest to BAE Systems’ relentless drive to provide the most trusted, highest quality rad-hard space electronics available to the USDoD and partner clients worldwide.

Memory products including a broad range of volatile and non-volatile rad-hard chips configurable in the exact static random access memory (SRAM), chalcogenide random access memory (C-RAM), programmable read-only memory (PROM), or other design required to assure space mission success.

Low voltage power products that enable efficient data processing that meets the onboard requirements of a spacecraft environment while maximizing space and routing channels.

Network component solutions in the form of Application Specific Standard Products (ASSPs) with mix-and-match abilities to build high-performance modules interconnecting space electronic elements.

Laser communications that will revolutionize space high bandwidth communication using optical communication methods known as “light propagating” to transmit data in near Earth and deep space environments.

Payload solution with high-resolution, wide field, InfraRed spectrometry, and weather instrument that is small and light enough – with minimal cooling requirements – to fit and perform aboard a microsatellite.


Rad-Hard digital receivers that automatically feed C4ISR decision-makers timely, data-rich insights about space-based assets to detect and identify threats and enhance defense capabilities.

Radar warning receiver for satellites (video)

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