The Bradley Industrial Base is made up of nearly 600 small, medium and large businesses spanning across the United States. Each business is unique. Each provides a specialized skillset. Each makes an important impact in their community. And each has their own story to tell. This is the second in a series of profiles we will be sharing to provide a deeper understanding of who makes up our Bradley Industrial Base.

Supplier: The First Electronics Corporation

FEC production

Location: Boston, Mass.


Employees: 86

History: FEC is a family-owned business founded in 1955 that builds specialized over-molded, extra-flexible, multi-conductor, EMI-shielded cable assemblies and harnesses, essentially the vehicle’s wiring, as well as electro-mechanical assemblies that are custom built for military applications.

Bradley Vehicle Support: FEC produces highly technical and specialized custom military cable assemblies for the electronics of Bradley Fighting Vehicles including communications, targeting and propulsion.

Long-term impact of a Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the business: A shutdown of the Bradley Industrial Base would cause a sizeable loss of revenue and profit for FEC. While the business would continue to exist, it would do so on a lesser scale. Additionally, the ability of the company to support expedited programs for the Bradley would be severely limited because of the decrease in manufacturing force.

What would be the impact of the Bradley Industrial Base shutdown on the skilled workforce? FEC would most likely face immediate layoffs of our skilled workforce.

A Bradley Industrial Base shutdown will mean layoffs and the need to reinvest resources into other lines of work. Our business cannot afford to stop and start work. Uncertainty does not enable us to make the plans required to invest in the machinery and skills needed to provide the parts we supply for the Bradley. Will Donnellan, Vice President, The First Electronics Corporation