Expanding cybersecurity training capabilities
BAE Systems is developing a cloud-based Cyber Range that’s deployable within minutes. The BAE Systems Cyber Range leverages modelling, simulation, automation, and risk management tools to enhance Department of Defense (DoD) weapon systems and platforms’ cybersecurity posture and protect against the proliferation of network attacks and increased risk associated with sophisticated cyber warfare tactics.
“Virtual cyber range environments are ideal for testing, verifying, and validating cybersecurity of systems and software,” said Rocky Yuan, Cyber Engineer for BAE Systems Integrated Defense Solutions business. “The Cyber Range does just that and more with the added benefit of an automated Risk Management Framework approach embedded into the environment. Our built-in automation tools process a significant amount of the analytic work required for system compliance.”
The BAE Systems Cyber Range is an open architecture, modular system that integrates with the cloud. It quickly stands-up a closed-network "sandbox" training environment that provides remote access for offsite cyber trainees for training, lab exercises, and security challenges. It’s designed with a firewall against corporate networks, ensuring the containment of the malicious code and exploits used in the training scenarios.
The Cyber Range is scalable and can be deployed automatically within minutes. “When mission and training exercises are completed, automation kicks in, tears down the entire environment and then automatically rebuilds a new one within minutes, rapidly freeing resources for the next exercise,” said Yuan. “The time and cost savings from our automation equate to about 55 times more versus manually implementing a cyber range.”
In addition, the BAE Systems Cyber Range utilizes a Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) approach and automation tools, which enable big-picture visualization of systems, controls, and requirements, ensuring a secure and hardened defense capability. By streamlining capabilities with automation, cyber experts can focus resources like threat intelligence integration to bring attention to the right methods, tools, and attack profiles.
In today’s fast-paced threat environment, cyber defenders need to be able to set up and tear down cyber ranges quickly, at an affordable cost, while being able to easily extract mission success and failure data in a way that informs next steps. BAE Systems designed its range to accomplish this with early verification, ease of understanding, custom configurations, economical (pay-as-you-go model) and intuitive, scalable, and Agile environment. The range provides repeatable, shareable, and metrics-driven scenarios that can solve many of the critical roadblocks along the path of initial development.
A cyber range is an irreplaceable tool that allows cybersecurity professionals to improve their response capabilities as well as their ability to identify risks. Agile, automated, and affordable cyber ranges are the future of cybersecurity training and testing to meet ever-evolving customer missions and to protect our national security.
Read more about the application of this technology in our recent press release.

Cyber Range demonstration at I/ITSEC, November 28-December 3

BAE Systems will demonstrate its Cyber Range, in addition to its wargaming capabilities, at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation & Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Fla., from November 28 through December 3. The team will display side-by-side views – one of a vehicle under cyberattack and failing to mitigate the attack, and another of a vehicle with resilience built-in and operating normally. The Cyber Range demo will show intrusion detection, simulation, and training capabilities converging together in a simulated environment.

About BAE Systems Cyber Capability

As a leader in the design of cyber technology, BAE Systems collaborates with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, and other agencies and organizations across DoD and the intelligence community, to advance U.S. government cyber capabilities. The company is a recognized leader in developing cybersecurity solutions to the complex problems associated with those specialized markets. In the U.S., Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia, and Australia,  BAE Systems’ cyber work runs a full spectrum, from operational technology networks with just a few devices all the way up to designing complex nation-state architectures with several million endpoints across domains with all levels of classification. The company’s trusted cyber experts are with you where it counts.
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