Advancing the ICBM mission through Agile software development
BAE Systems Air & Space Force Solutions recently achieved a significant milestone in its efforts to advance the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) mission through developing and delivering new, innovative software to the U.S. Air Force Nuclear Warfare Center (AFNWC). This new software capability enables advanced visualization of digital engineering and ICBM mission data, to increase battlespace awareness for decision makers across the weapon system.
Through the Platform One development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) process; a specifically-defined collaborative software development process; the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center confirmed compliance with security requirements and granted the product a “Certificate to Field.” This marked this the first software product to receive certification from Platform One for deployment to Impact Level 5 cloud environments. Once deployed to the government’s secure cloud network, it will be available for use by ICBM mission partners.
Rick Allen, vice president of BAE Systems’ Strategic Systems business unit, said that this milestone achievement signifies a new way to do business. “As the Integration Support Contractor, we are inventing new software tools through an agile DevSecOps process to support the ICBM mission for the next 50 years. Together with the AFNWC, we are bridging the technology gap, and enabling the government to quickly acquire new products/services (e.g., advanced software solutions), perform certification, and ultimately reduce the sustainment tail of the weapon system.”
Allen said that this is just one example of the company delivering digital engineering and digital intelligence to support Minuteman III sustainment and Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) transition. Because the company employed a forward-leaning DevSecOps process and rigorous application of the reference architecture to develop the software, it will be deployed to the government for use faster than the traditional waterfall approach.
“We are enabling mission success,” said Jeremy Lokovic, project manager for BAE Systems on the GBSD program. “We have an incredibly talented digital engineering team delivering modern capabilities that further enable the warfighter to maximize productivity.”
BAE Systems team worked inside the Air Force’s environment on Platform One and used an Agile DevSecOps process to develop this innovative, secure, and efficient software solution. It is the first software product to receive certification for Impact Level 5 cloud environments from Platform One.
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