Advancing DoD's Digital Engineering Strategy
Our teams are developing next-generation technologies and mission-oriented solutions to solve our customers’ most challenging problems. This important work enables our Department of Defense (DoD) customers to execute the Digital Engineering Strategy. The DoD’s strategy includes the goal to “formalize the development, integration, and use of models to inform enterprise and program decision making.” Digital modeling supports engineering activities and decision making across complex system lifecycles to achieve better results. 
Sam, a BAE Systems program manager supporting the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center Integration Support Contract, is developing next-generation, comprehensive digital engineering solutions at the company’s Digital Engineering Capabilities Lab (DECL) located at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. 
“It has been a rewarding journey. I have been involved with the development of digital engineering solutions for the U.S. Air Force for more than 13 years,” said Sam, a project manager for BAE Systems’ Air and Space Force Solutions. “Since joining BAE Systems in 2017, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and work with a team of incredibly talented individuals. And we are all equally excited to be developing next-generation secure software solutions that have a mission impact.”
Sam’s work supports the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Weapons Systems and the mission to ensure the safety and security of America’s land-based leg of the nuclear triad. “Legacy paper trails of these critical systems must be modernized,” said Sam. “It is simply the new reality facing all complex platforms and systems. We need to access and refine high-resolution digital models to increase operational efficiencies and facilitate the management, visualization, and understanding of the system components’ relationships across the battlespace.”
“The Air Force has adopted digital, model-based products that are supporting sustainment of Minuteman III and the acquisition of GBSD,” said Dr. Ravi Ravichandran, chief technology officer of BAE Systems’ Intelligence & Security sector. “Digital models provide an authoritative source of system engineering, and provide an efficient, accurate and modern approach to making better, more informed decisions.”
“Digital technologies and solutions empower the complex integration of almost everything you would need to make a decision for weapon system lifecycle management,” said Sam. “We overlay multi-domain information products that may impact system sustainment or operations. More dynamic products provide decision makers with a bird’s eye view (e.g., ‘total battlespace’) all the way down to any level of the system’s design. I’m constantly seeing the development of fascinating digital products on this program. This is completely changing the game for a very complex and integrated system like the ICBM.”
Additionally, BAE Systems supports the Air Force’s acquisition process. “We are enabling the Air Force to regain ownership of the technical baseline for platforms and systems,” said Sam. “Some information exists in paper form; our teams are helping improve this traditional approach. We ingest paper engineering as-built drawings and convert them to digital models. Now, visualization is easier with more relevant information related to these systems available, which in turn provides information superiority to senior military leadership and the warfighter.”
Through a digital approach making multiple data layers visible together, we help our customer identify potential risks more effectively versus if all of these elements were still on paper. Sam said that the work at DECL demonstrates the company’s dedication to moving the DoD forward in its digital engineering strategy while offering the best digital solutions available to engineers. “It’s an exciting time to be a part of BAE Systems—we truly are bringing the future faster,” said Sam.

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