The NCDSMO sets and oversees design and implementation requirements for Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) used by U.S. government agencies for the sharing of sensitive information across multiple network security domains. Their latest requirements fall into a series of protocols called Raise-the-Bar (RTB), which are designed to ensure a next generation operational environment for secure collaborations across domains.

The progress and success of U.S. defense and intelligence community missions depend on their access to secure, on-demand communications between networks across security classification levels.  By clearly defining the technological requirements of constantly-upgraded CDS systems and identifying vendors capable of meeting those demands effectively, the NCDSMO provides high quality and a clear, manageable system integration path for its national security customers.

In addition, the thorough and robust NCDSMO accreditation process itself not only speeds system adoption times, but in doing so also reduces overall acquisition costs. That means lower costs for all relevant departments and, in turn, a more efficient use of budgets.


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