What is multi-int signal processing?

Multi-INT Signal Processing is short for Multiple Intelligence Signal Processing, which is the fusion of different types of collected intelligence data – processed by A.I.-driven algorithms and sifted through an iterative and additive process – all to ensure a fuller, more insightful operating picture than processing intelligence data from a single source alone can create.

This complex interrogation of geo-referenced, culturally dynamic intelligence includes the intercepted communications of Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), scientific and technical Measurement And Signal Intelligence (MASINT), and geospatial Activity-Based Intelligence (ABINT) to arrive at mission-specific insights with a broad range of actionable, real world options.    

Intelligence resulting from Multi-INT Signal Processing measures can be used to inform decisions for mission planning and targeting electronic warfare (EW) systems, communications systems, and more, including strategic positioning of future acoustic, radar, navigation, and optical sensors. Multi-intelligence signal processing provides opportunities for mission success that others often miss.

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