This hybrid power system allows tour boats, tugboats, ferries, water taxis, fishing fleets, houseboats, patrol boats, and more to operate cleanly and quietly while in port or while traveling through densely populated areas, yet use diesel power when out in open water and/or to use its diesel generator(s) to recharge its electric batteries.

The most prominent advantage of a hybrid marine power system is a decrease in the amount of air pollutants generated in comparison to having traditional diesel boat engines propel the boat and power its hotel energy systems. However, hybrid marine electric systems also deliver much higher fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and significantly quieter operation.

Growing concerns about air and water pollution, the effects of climate change, fossil fuel costs, and even increased noise concerns have lead to more interest in renewable energy alternatives to traditional diesel boat engines. This is particularly true among owners and managers of fleets – tourism, fishing, marine repair services, and more – who often benefit from hybrid marine power.


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