What are the best uses of Electronic Leverage?

Electronic Leverage can be used to benefit these three product development scenarios, and more:

  1. One Updatable Product. This is when a product is developed with the need to allow for future updates based on its original specifications and performance criteria is built into the design. Software that provides key functions to a computer or computer-controlled system, for example, can be designed with an expectation that it will be updated with new operating parameters as circumstances evolve, without an all new product design.
  2. One Product, Multiple Versions. An EL strategy is wise if a new product must be produced in multiple versions for use in similar but different platforms. When a new electronic device or software program is created to work on the latest fighter jet, for instance, using EL to design-in the ability for a version of the same product to also work on other jets of multiple generations, as well as cargo planes and helicopters, makes operational and financial sense. Core specifications and performance measures remain the same, but are physically versioned for different installations.
  3. A Product Line. The Electronic Leverage strategy is also beneficial when creating a product line that stays true to one original design structurally, but is altered peripherally to satisfy audience needs or preferences. For example, a cell phone or control interface design that never changes structurally, but offers more or fewer capabilities, a darker or lighter user screen, different color shells, distinct alert sounds, different interface languages, and so on would be using EL. If the core design and specifications remain consistent, development times and costs can remain low.  

Who uses Electronic Leverage?

Any advanced product or systems development company could use EL to maximize their clients’ return on investment, but the strategy has proven most effective when employed by development companies that combine a culture of innovation with a commitment to accelerating real world results for their clients through long-term investment in every step of the development and production process. Companies that align their resources with customers’ development objectives long before products are needed have consistently outperformed those who approach it as a demand reaction.


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