While methods, products, and systems for delivering cognitive RF continue to be developed, the most advanced integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into a framework that automates a "search-sense–learn–adapt" pattern for use across an array of platforms.

The purpose of cognitive RF is to maximize use of the full radio frequency spectrum, especially those parts not in use commercially, and establish spectrum dominance for intelligence, defense, and public safety agencies. This dominance of the RF spectrum ensures uninterrupted real-time communications, situational awareness, signal detection, and use of electronic protection and attack systems. Another benefit of the spectrum dominance Cognitive RF provides is the ability to deny use of the spectrum to adversaries, limiting their ability to operate, attack, or respond during times of confrontation.

From defense radar arrays, guidance systems, and emergency response coordination to navigation satellites, Link 16 communications, aircraft survivability systems, and more, advanced cognitive RF technologies support the success of communications- and data-dependent missions around the world and across the expanse of space.


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