In commercial aircraft, they perform a range of flight control, navigation, operations, and communications functions necessary to fly and operate such crafts – manned and unmanned. 

Military avionics is a more tactical, combat-ready version of avionics, focused on electronic systems and equipment used in military aircraft of all types. These include not only flight control, navigation, and communications functions similar to those in commercial aircraft, but also electro-optic and infrared threat sensors, activity monitors, secure tactical communications, weapons trackers, countermeasures dispensers, and other integrated electronic support, protection, and attack capabilities.

Beyond these avionics being more attuned to military purpose, they are also built more ruggedly, either encased in more adversary-resistant containers than commercially available equipment or custom built from the ground up using special materials that are inherently better able to resist damage from the harsh environments where they need to perform. These additional measures are all to support the mission, and to maximize survivability of the service members who depend on them.


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