Last month, to promote the company’s Health and Wellness initiative, 12 Phoenix-based employees spent two days and one night running the Ragnar Relay Del Sol in Arizona.

The race started in Wickenburg and crossed portions of the Sonoran Desert to Tempe.

The 12 participants included employees, relatives, and friends. Each runner completed the 203-mile race course in three legs of varying lengths. The pattern was to run the first leg, rest for a few hours, and then complete the next one. The number one rule: Have at least one person running at all times during the race. The team completed the race in a little over 34 hours.

“The best part of the race was getting to know my colleagues on a more personal level and meeting new friends,” said Heather Russell, communications manager. “We all worked together as a team and supported one another throughout each leg of the race. We are all looking forward to conquering Ragnar again next year!”