Supporting Veteran-Owned Small Businesses

The Mission Continues is pleased to announce its partnership with BAE Systems, Inc., which is contributing $250,000 to the organization’s innovative and action-oriented Fellowship and Service Platoons Programs. The programs are designed to empower veterans to keep serving and succeeding in their local communities, a purpose closely aligned with BAE Systems’ mission of supporting service members and their families as they transition home. 

"We are excited about our national partnership with BAE Systems — working together to create opportunities for veterans to continue their service,” says Spencer Kympton, president of The Mission Continues. “With BAE Systems’ help, teams of veterans in California, Washington, D.C., and Massachusetts are tackling tough challenges in their neighborhoods with Mission Continues service platoons, and veterans across the country are building new skills and networks through our Fellowship Program."

The Missions Continues’ Service Platoons Program brings together teams of veterans who are working with partners at the local level to build stronger communities and tackle pressing issues. BAE Systems will contribute $150,000 to sponsor three platoons in Lowell, Massachusetts; San Diego, California; and Washington, D.C. Each service platoon’s mission is unique to the challenges facing its community. The missions are ongoing and organized around regularly scheduled events, and bring together local nonprofits, civic organizations, and businesses in support of a common goal.

The remaining $100,000 will support The Mission Continues’ Fellowship Program, which harnesses veteran’s strengths, skills, and compassion through daily volunteering opportunities with non-profit organizations in their community. The dynamic program also provides participants with a living stipend, a leadership development curriculum, and the opportunity to develop new skills and networks for future career opportunities.

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