The new LiteHUD™ system (left) is 85% smaller than conventional head-up displays.

Bigger isn’t always better – especially in today’s aircraft where size, weight, and power are kept at the utmost minimum to conserve fuel and dedicate more power to performance.  Historically, cockpit display systems have been bulky, weighty products, but BAE Systems has developed a revolutionary low-profile, head-up display (HUD) which is 85% smaller than existing HUDs.  With its greatly reduced weight, the fully digital LiteHUD™, which uses a state-of-the-art optical waveguide, can fit any aircraft cockpit – new or existing. 

While many fighter jets currently in development lack space for a conventional HUD, their cockpits can easily accommodate the low power, high performance, very low latency LiteHUD.  Major aerospace leaders, having assessed the LiteHUD, have described this lighter, high quality system as the best available technology for the latest military cockpit designs. In the commercial space, industry leaders have stated their belief in the product’s great potential for the civil aircraft market.

Designed for the modern cockpit, the low maintenance LiteHUD offers a low profile, making it compatible with large area displays.  Its large eye motion box makes the system easy to use, with high integrity, high resolution symbology and video, as well as high brightness and a large field of view.  For added versatility, the LiteHUD is also compatible with night vision goggles and laser protection gear.

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