The interior of the new BAE Systems, Inc. Hawk AJTS demonstration trailer

BAE Systems is offering the Hawk AJTS, the world's most advanced, successful and proven fast jet training system, that is ready now to be the replacement for the aging T-38 trainer as part of the U.S. Air Force’s T-X program.  The Hawk AJTS state-of-the-art air training platform is low risk, in service and has demonstrated affordable life-cycle cost.

The Hawk AJTS National Road Show features a demonstration trailer that includes video, simulations and interactive exhibits, including a cockpit simulator, illustrating the unique features of the Hawk AJTS and will be on display at air shows, trade shows and conferences across the country. It will be unveiled for the first time on September 19 at the Air Force Association’s 2011 Air & Space Conference and Technology Exposition.

 “The Hawk AJTS far surpasses other training offerings in technological sophistication and integrated capabilities,” said Robert Wood, Vice President and lead for the BAE Systems, Inc. Hawk Advanced Jet Training System Program. “This Road Show offers a unique opportunity for our team to highlight the exceptional capabilities of the Hawk AJTS’ in-flight and ground based training systems while showcasing how it can deliver off-the-shelf capabilities today.”

The Hawk AJTS National Road Show includes:

•    The Hawk Advanced Jet Training System Interactive Touchscreen Display which  allows visitors to experience how the Hawk AJTS blends live and virtual training through a system-wide Enterprise Learning Architecture to train the best 5th generation combat pilots in the world. 

•    A Hawk AJTS Cockpit Simulator, which allows pilots to train effectively in a synthetic, real-world environment with all the sights, signals and sounds of actual flight. The Hawk AJTS’ ability to synthetically replicate 5th generation avionics will allow the download of training such as air intercept and weapons delivery to the appropriate pilot training experience level.

•    A Desktop Trainer, which empowers student pilots to maximize their own training time as they continuously expand the limits of their abilities. By using desktop trainers and mobile devices, student pilots can monitor their syllabus and review their schedules in real time.

•    A Debrief Station, demonstrating how Hawk AJTS instructors can provide detailed feedback to student pilots after each sortie. The Hawk AJTS’ debrief capabilities also allow student pilots to adapt the training scenario in real time to ensure maximum training value.

The Hawk AJTS National Road Show will stop in Wichita Falls, Texas; Alamogordo, New Mexico; Del Rio, Texas; Fort Worth, Texas; San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Orlando, Florida.

Over 900 Hawk aircraft have been sold, or are on order to date and the aircraft is currently helping produce highly trained pilots across 25 countries. The Hawk is the lead-in fast jet trainer for the F-35 for the UK, Canada, Australia and the U.S. Navy. With 18 customers worldwide, the Hawk aircraft has been widely exported around the world.

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