For decades, we’ve provided mission systems hardened for military operations on some of the most advanced maritime platforms, including the P-8A Poseidon—a next-generation Navy aircraft. Now, with a recent award from Boeing, we’re set to provide our mission computer suite on the aircraft for the foreseeable future.

Boeing, along with a team of industry leaders, produces the Poseidon, which is an intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft and a derivative of the 737-800 commercial aircraft. With the Poseidon completing its first deployment and the Navy’s plans to replace its P-3 fleet, Boeing has selected us to continue to provide our advanced mission computing and display systems for the P-8A aircraft.

“Our mission computer suite is the digital backbone for the P-8A aircraft.  It provides an interface to all sensors, communication links, countermeasures, and aircraft subsystems on board,” said Gary Rubasch, program director at BAE Systems in Greenlawn, N.Y., where the Mission Computer System is assembled and tested.  “Airborne sensors in surveillance aircraft require flexible open-architecture designs that are ruggedized for demanding military needs, and that’s exactly what we can provide.”

Our involvement on the P-8A Poseidon stems back to 2004, when the company began development work with the industry team to perfect system interoperability; and from early development to first delivery in March 2012, this program has a solid record of providing on-time or ahead of schedule deliveries. “BAE Systems’ focus on early delivery and affordability supported Boeing’s efforts to successfully achieve the 2013 planned deployment,” said Rubasch.

For the aircraft’s 2013 deployment, we delivered 18 mission computer and display systems to Boeing. Now with this latest award, we will deliver 16 additional systems.

Nicole Gable
Nicole Gable
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