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A GE Aviation team, which BAE Systems supports as a subcontractor, was awarded the internal GE 2012 Adamson Award for significant innovation. BAE Systems employees from Endicott, NY and Ft. Wayne, Ind. are important members of this project team, providing engine controls to support the GE3000 military helicopter engine program for GE Aviation, the world's leading producer of large and small jet engines for commercial and military aircraft.

The Adamson Award is GE Aviation’s most prestigious internal innovation award.

“Laurie Kelly, GE’s engineering lead for the team, was ecstatic about the win and passed along GE’s gratitude to us for our significant involvement,” said Doug Williams, BAE Systems GE3000 program manager. “Laurie mentioned there were roughly 340 nominations this year [across all technology areas such as compressors, airfoils, etc.], and for them to win really set the stage for the importance of controls within the organization.”

The GE3000 answers a wide range of operational needs by combining advanced technologies with lessons learned from GE Aviation’s more than 50 years of helicopter experience.

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