BAE Systems’ technology furthers public transportation systems’ sustainability efforts

Frost & Sullivan, the global growth consulting firm, has presented our HybriDrive Solutions business with its 2013 Customer Value Leadership Award. HybriDrive Solutions was honored for its demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that create value for its customers, with a focus on improving return on investment. Our HybriDrive family of products powers 4,200 buses worldwide today, and is the most successful hybrid series system in operation. Each year, as many as 693 million passengers benefit from the clean, quiet ride of buses equipped with the HybriDrive system. HybriDrive-equipped buses prevent more than 100,000 tons of CO2 emissions and save more than nine million gallons of diesel fuel annually.

“As the industry moves towards zero-emission vehicles, it's important to recognize the milestone achievements, such as our zero-emission fuel cell technology buses and the zero-emission modes we offer with HybriDrive Series-E,” said Steve Trichka, vice president and general manager of HybriDrive Solutions at BAE Systems. “We appreciate Frost & Sullivan’s acknowledgment that HybriDrive Series-E is a significant example of a technology that furthers public transportation systems’ current and future sustainability efforts.”

HybriDrive Series-E uses series hybrid architecture that now enables zero emission operation at stops and around bus depots, and we are extending these zero emission modes as we advance the technology. With engine-off capability, for example, we are delivering greater emissions reduction, fuel savings, and noise reduction as compared to normal hybrid operation.

The Customer Value Leadership Award recognizes our unparalleled focus on enhancing the value that our HybriDrive Solutions customers receive and highlights our high safety standards and the stringent approval process for our products. Frost & Sullivan bases its decision on extensive private market research and confidential interviews with end users, and does not accept solicitations or applications for this award from nominees. The honor is awarded only when a candidate company meets Frost & Sullivan's criteria.

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