Combat Identification Server (CID-S)

Protecting those who bravely serve and defend our country, the BAE Systems Electronic Systems team brought this mission to mind when developing the Combat Identification Server (CID-S) to support the urgent operational needs of U.S. and Allied Forces.  Today, troops deployed in Afghanistan are at a reduced chance of friendly fire incidents thanks to CID Server and the dedication of the BAE Systems borderless team.

The CID Server provides a graphical representation of friendly forces to the pilot in response to their normal actions during combat operations.  Pilots do not have to learn any new procedures to implement the life saving action and no changes are needed to their planes to utilize the function.

The CID Server system was born out of the Bold Quest series of Coalition Combat Identification demonstrations conducted by the Joint Staff Joint Fires Division (formerly USJFCOM J-85), and was developed in a cooperative manner between BAE Systems and the Joint and Coalition communities in order to service U.S. and Coalition forces.

“We have a long standing tradition of leading the way in combat identification based on our Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) products used in aircraft, ships and air defense units,” said Paul Markwardt, vice president and deputy general manager of BAE Systems Electronic Systems. “Transferring our proven capability to protect ground forces from friendly fire is both a natural extension of our historical commitment to IFF and our responsibility to our nation’s warfighters.  We are proud that CID Server is protecting troops in theatre today.” 

Combat Identification Server (CID-S) Team