Our Loop Resistance Tester provides the ability to test cable shielding for all critical and essential systems to increase that protection

Commercial aircraft are flown more than 100,000 times per day, making them susceptible to a range of environmental hazards, like lightning strikes, pressure changes, moisture, and even exposure to electromagnetic fields. Despite these potential conditions, commercial air travel remains one of the safest modes of transportation as these planes are built to withstand harsh conditions.

Flight-critical systems on the aircraft, like electronic engine and flight controls, are protected from the constant extremes of pressure, lightning strikes, and more by shielded wiring and shielded enclosures that are grounded to the aircraft. Because these shielding systems are constantly exposed to harsh conditions, it’s imperative that they receive routine testing.

For decades, aircraft operators have been using our Loop Resistance Tester (LRT) to test aircraft shielding systems. Originally developed for use on the Boeing 777 and found to reduce operators’ maintenance time, this portable electronic instrument was recently upgraded by our Controls and Avionics Solutions team to meet today’s certification standards. Through these upgrades, the LRT has longer battery life and increased durability of the connectors and input devices on the product.

“The newly redesigned LRT is perfect for airlines, aircraft manufacturers and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations, as it can be utilized in all Class 1, Division 2 areas around fueled aircraft,“ said Rich Hopf, director of Airlines for BAE Systems. “The upgrade includes an improved clamp design which provides a durable shell to protect the LRT from damage, as well as a sleek profile that allows maintainers to test hard-to-reach sections of cable shielding.”

Assuring the integrity of the many electrical sub-systems on an aircraft is paramount for airlines and MROs around the globe, and the LRT provides the ability to test cable shielding for all critical and essential systems to increase that protection. With the new features, the LRT offers the very best in testing equipment to provide shelter from the storm.

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