BAE Systems Welcomes Service-Disabled Marine and Family to Home Built by Employees

The five charities – Purple Heart Homes; the Military Family Lifestyle Charitable Foundation; Hearts and Hammers; Charlotte Bridge Home; and The Patriot Charities – joined forces with BAE Systems and other community partners to lead the effort known as the “555 Charity” with the goal of developing the property for qualified Iraq and Afghanistan veterans.

Over the summer, BAE Systems’ Charlotte, N.C., employees and their families helped build the first of the five homes for a retired Marine, Sergeant Jason Hyde, his wife and their children. Employees helped frame, weatherproof and paint the home, as well as fortify the construction site against significant issues caused by an abnormally rainy summer.

This past September, BAE Systems helped welcome the family to their new home. “It’s mission complete for the Hyde family,” said Major General Charles H. Swannack, Jr., U.S. Army (retired), one of 555 Charity’s leaders, as he thanked sponsors for their support. He explained that the area’s large veteran population of 55,000 people will continue to grow dramatically, and so the community must continue “to embrace and integrate the families into the fabric of society.”