The first product, XTS Guard 5, is BAE Systems’ revolutionary new cross domain solution designed to protect the transfer of information between government networks. In addition, BAE Systems is unveiling an advanced prototype of its Secure Information Broker Application (SIBA™). SIBA is a “Big Data” cross domain solution that allows users to easily share select information within a file.

XTS Guard 5

BAE Systems’ new XTS Guard 5 is a multi-enclave cross domain solution for enterprise, coalition, and tactical use. It provides superior value compared to solutions that are bidirectional and offers limited file type support. In contrast, XTS Guard 5 supports Extensible Markup Language (XML), email (SMTP), and file transfer capabilities. As an added advantage, XTS Guard customers need only purchase licenses for support of the data types their missions require.

XTS Guard 5 features a wealth of enterprise capabilities built in accordance with emerging National Security Agency (NSA)-based guard standards. The new XTS architecture enables, for the future, cost-effective guarding of chat, imagery, and streaming video and voice data. Supporting up to 22 enclaves in standard hardware and multiple file type transfer capabilities in a single appliance, users can leverage XTS Guard 5 for its high performance; its ability to support Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) considerations; and its value in consolidating data center operations. XTS Guard 5 runs on BAE Systems STOP OS™, the class-leading high-security operating system already supporting multiple Unified Cross Domain Management Office (UCDMO)-approved solutions. XTS Guard 5 is expected to be listed on the UCDMO Baseline by year-end, given high interest from multiple customers and an identified sponsor.


BAE Systems’ other new solution, SIBA, is an upcoming XTS capability that provides intelligence analysts and intelligence consumers with ground-breaking granular access control for information sharing. SIBA features familiar Microsoft Office® and Sharepoint® interfaces, and is secured by BAE Systems’ STOP OS product. SIBA allows users to tag sensitive data within a file, so that only users with the appropriate credentials may access it. SIBA is designed to support “Big Data” initiatives, and will be available at a far lower cost than the relational database-based solutions presently on the UCDMO Baseline.

The DoDIIS Worldwide Conference is hosted annually by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Directorate for Information Management and Chief Information Officer. The conference features more than 2,000 participants from across the globe, and supports a wide-range of government, civilian, military, and industry partners interested in networking, collaborating, and bringing new solutions to the ever-changing IT world. Live demonstrations of BAE Systems’ XTS Guard 5, SIBA, and its large file content filter, NephronMaxx™, will be conducted at DoDIIS Worldwide Conference booth 213. In addition, the BAE Systems Cybersecurity Products Group will showcase its EAL 7+ rated Data Diode Solution™, the highest rated Cross Domain Solution under the Common Criteria.

BAE Systems Cybersecurity Products Group is part of Advanced Programs in the Intelligence & Security sector, based in Arlington, Virginia. Its solutions include class-leading capabilities such as the STOP OS™ secure operating system, XTS® Guard, the Common Criteria EAL 7+ Data Diode Solution™, and the cutting-edge NephronMaxx™ content filter.

BAE Systems is one of the largest information technology service providers to the DIA. BAE Systems was one of six contractors selected for the DIA’s Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise (SITE) contract. BAE Systems was also selected as a prime contractor to support its Next Generation Desktop Environment (NGDE), to modernize the Agency’s computer workstations by creating a virtualized desktop infrastructure for DIA users and intelligence analysts.

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