BAE Systems to sustain critical carrier landing systems with $68.5 million contract from the U.S. Navy
Under the Air Traffic Control and Landing Systems (ATC&LS) Engineering Products & Technical Services (EPTS) contract awarded earlier this year, BAE Systems will leverage decades of program history to develop, produce, equip, test, evaluate, sustain, and update the AN/SPN-46(V) Automatic Carrier Landing System.
“With this win, BAE Systems retains a key air traffic control contract that we have held since 1973 to provide industry-leading systems integration capabilities and solutions that ensure the safety of critical carrier-based landing systems,” said Lisa Hand, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems’ Integrated Defense Solutions business.
BAE Systems’ technicians deploy around the world to support the warfighter. The company’s employees utilize established and proven methods as well as their systems engineering and software development expertise to sustain these critical landing systems. The company’s work results in improved hardware reliability, system precision, minimal downtime through onsite and remote technical assistance, and a certified landing system.
Ref. 119/2021
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