“Ensuring stability and successful peacekeeping operations throughout the continent is an important element of what we do as a South African defense company,” said Johan Steyn, managing director, Land Systems South Africa. “We are proud to expand our role in carrying out these missions throughout the East African region.”

The two companies will form a regional M&TS centre in the East African region to carry out UN missions and the African Union’s peace keeping efforts. Kenya is a leading trade hub and gateway into the East African region, benefitting from access to well-developed sea shipping and airfreight services, as well as reasonable road infrastructure, and a large supply of skilled labour.

“Teaming with a global business such as BAE Systems holds great new prospects for us as a Kenyan defense company,” said Vanessa Evans, managing director of Rongai Workshop and Transport Limited. “We look forward to playing a part in peacekeeping missions in our region to enhance stability in Africa.”

With more than 60 years of experience, Rongai started as an agricultural workshop in 1947 and today performs major rebuilds of trucks, engines, gearboxes, overhauls, fuel injection repairs and some component fabrication. The company employs 260 local staff with 67 mechanics, and the workshop is strategically located halfway between Mombasa and Kampala, Kenya.

Ref. 137/2012

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