Medium Mine Protected Vehicle (MMPV)

“BAE Systems has a long history in vehicle conversions and modernizations,” said Robert Houston, vice president and deputy general manager of Weapon Systems and Support at BAE Systems. “Our work on the MMPV program will not only increase the capabilities of the vehicle, but will also further strengthen our partnership with the Letterkenny Army Depot.”

The company will provide a rear ramp, used for the deployment of remotely operated unmanned ground vehicles in route and area clearance missions, and a new heating and air conditioning system for the vehicle. The MMPV has a V-shaped hull that provides superior blast protection against symmetrical, asymmetrical and unconventional explosives hazards. The wheeled vehicle also has a large modular interior, high mobility chassis and extensive equipment options and is an ideal platform for any mission in an explosive hazard environment. Other Soldier-friendly features include large ballistic windows and a 360-degree situational awareness suite.

The spare parts and kits will be assembled by the existing workforce at the BAE Systems facility in Anniston, Alabama. 

Ref. 168/2012

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