The sights are widely used on rifles, machine guns, and mounted weapon systems, providing soldiers with the ability to acquire and engage targets independent of darkness and common battlefield obscurants.

BAE Systems has been producing the sights since 2004 under contracts valued at more than $1 billion.

“This is a very significant delivery milestone,” said Barry Yeadon, program manager for thermal weapon sights at BAE Systems in Lexington, Massachusetts, where the sights are manufactured. “No other supplier has delivered 100,000 thermal weapon sights to the Army. BAE Systems knows that the men and women serving in harm’s way depend on this critical technology, and the company has focused resources to meet contract delivery requirements so that our sights reach soldiers on time, giving them a significant battlefield advantage.”

BAE Systems’ electronics technology allows soldiers to see deep into the battlefield in darkness and through smoke, fog, and other obscurants, enhancing situational awareness. Developed in partnership with the U.S. Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier, BAE Systems’ second-generation thermal weapon sights are lighter, smaller, and less expensive than first-generation sights.

 Ref. 154/2011

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