“The TRT family of turrets provides soldiers with a spectrum of self-protection and ground fire support capability, combined with the safety of an armoured protected vehicle,” said Johan Steyn, managing director, Land Systems South Africa.

The TRT-R30MK is a remotely-operated weapon system that will enable vehicles to operate in multi-role deployments and in multiple theatres. The system draws on BAE Systems’ experience in previous remote turret technology development, such as the TRT-25. It is designed as an effective, high-performance threat neutraliser, achieving a firing range of more than 2,500 meters with day and night fighting and observation capability. The turret’s control station can be integrated anywhere in the vehicle allowing for increased internal space for crew or extra payload.

The TRT-R30MK turret can easily be adapted to carry other NATO standard 30mm cannons as well as smaller calibre weapons. The system is equipped with electro-mechanical drives and high performance sight equipment to allow for all round observation, fast reaction time and accurate firing on the move during day and night operation.

Ref. 133/2012

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