“The RG35 family of vehicles incorporates 30 years of experience in tactical mobility and protection,” said Johan Steyn, managing director, Land Systems South Africa.

The RG35 6x6 has an 8.5 ton payload, a 12 cubic meters volume under armor, can seat up to 14 crew members, and carry light and medium remote controlled weapon stations. Like the 4x4 variant, the latest 6x6 variant includes independent suspension and a side mounted powerpack that can be replaced in less than one hour.

The RG35 family of vehicles can be deployed in many different roles and offers a choice of variants and configurations while maintaining 80 percent vehicle commonality. RG35 combines the high levels of survivability of the RG31 Mine Protected Vehicle with the tactical capability of an infantry fighting vehicle.

Integrated onto the vehicle at AAD will be the TRT-B25 (Tactical Remote Turret) also from Land Systems South Africa.

Visit BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa on stand 4W17.

Ref. 134/2012

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