A BAE Systems employee at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant handles a Mk90 propellant grain.
The operating contract will extend through December 31, 2026. This award demonstrates the strong relationship between BAE Systems and the Army for operating the facility that produces critical munitions and explosives for the U.S. Department of Defense.
The contract with BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc. covers management, production maintenance, sustainment, and modernization of the installation located in southwest Virginia. The company has operated the plant since 2012.
“Our team members have focused on safety, quality, and teamwork over our last ten years at Radford. It is their dedication to the mission that made this award possible,” said Brian Gathright, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc. “Our organization has the expertise to perform the work necessary to deliver reliable, innovative energetics to the Army and those who serve in uniform.”
BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc. is a world leader in the production of munitions, propellants and explosives. In addition to Radford, it has operated the Holston Amy Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tennessee, since 1999 and has delivered on critical modernization projects while producing munitions.
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